About Us

CyberArts is a creative driven platform that aimed at building a better world with creativity in the field of “Cyber” and “Arts”. Since 2012, CyberArts revolved from an IT department of retail conglomerate to a complex of technology consultancy, data experts and creative alliances. 

Founded by 3 graduates from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKSUT), CyberArts provides a wide variety of technology services including interactive technology integrations, system development, robotic & automation design and data collection & mining which include customers in different industry such as hotel, retail, medical, exhibitions, etc.

Being an “Arts” related company, CyberArts also provide graphic design, event & art management services to clients from schools, art-related organization, NGOs and social enterprise.

Starting from 2013, CyberArts expanded its business into Professional Training and Youth Training, to share our experience to co-workers and teenagers.