Exploring the sea is the desire of many. Unlike the flying drones, there is not a lot of option for Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) in the market right now. CyberROV filled the gap between ameture ROV and industrial grade deep ROV.

Perfect Balance of Weight


Weighted 16lbs and the size of A4, CyberROV is easy to carry around yet heavy enough to overcome ocean current.  

Intuitive Control


Unlike other ROV in the market, CyberROV design to match with the control of boat, which greatly reduce the time required for training.

Robust Design


CyberROV is designed to be robust. All connectors are up to IP68 rating and the whole machine is designed with solid state component. Moreover, all moving parts and wires are protected with MIL-PRF-81309G certified fluid. (US Navy's corrosion prevention and control performance requirement) which enable CyberROV to be used in all circumstance.

Durable Component

CyberROV built with the highest quality component available. Chassis of CyberROV are built with cut-resistance materials, while all the metal component are imported stainless steel.

Modularized Design

CyberROV is modularity in design. Each part can be upgrade or replace easily. The whole design is modulized from power source, control box, sensor hubs to camera unit, which can be replaced in less than 15 min, which makes CyberROV especially fits for remote operations.