CyberSense: Sense as you see

CyberSense is an cutting edge computer vision system that customized for people counting. Being one of the most sophisticated system on the market, CyberSense provide many more possibility than traditional counting system which provide much more crucial data for business analysis. Compared with all the traditional sensing technology such as bi-directional IR sensor or thermal imaging, CyberSense counts like a human and therefor can record everything just like a loyal employer. It can capture the number of visitors, staying time of each visitor and even their walking path. Unlike people counting software based on surveillance system, CyberSense count in real time and no personal information would be collected and hence protect the privacy of your customers.


How does CyberSense Work?

CyberSense is a complex of two top notch technology - Stereo imaging and computer vision. Together, it makes CyberSenes one of the most unique and powerful people count solution in the market. Powered by “Field Sense” Technology, CyberSense can capture virtually all the movement within a three dimensional space and convert it into meaningful data. Besides, CyberSense can also be used in various situation because of its flexible design, which make it especially fit to be used in public area and exhibitions.



​CyberSense Advantages

Compare with traditional people counter, Cybersense detects in a different way. We detect visitors by using a 3D capturing devices, which allows capturing in various manners & have a better coverage.

CyberSense also support multiple sensor and form a sensor array. This do not only make more data available but also make it possible to compare figures in different area / sectors.

For connectivity, CyberSense support the most popular TCP/IP protocol. By one LAN (RJ-45) cable, you can configure the sensor, collect the data and transmit the data to the central server! 



​“Field Sense”

One of the most unique features of CyberSense is “Field Sense”. Unlike all the people counter on the market, CyberSense can trace and track down a target, more than only counting in & out. Recording ALL movement insides the detection field, you can acquire much more data, and combine them to get a full perspective of your business.

“Field Sense” can capture every movement of the visitor. The exact walking path of each individual will be stored individually which allows you to analyze the walking pattern or the popularity of different area.

Staying time inside the detecting area is also recorded as per visitor. This make a lot of analysis become possible including queuing time, average time of appreciation to a particular product or art piece, etc.

Another highlighted usage of “Field Sense” is it can count separately for multiple areas within the detection area. For example, if there is 4 different products within the detection area of CyberSense, you can got the average staying time and the number of visitors in front of the products respectively.




Privacy Issues

We understand there is a raising concern over infringement of privacy by data collecting system especially towards facial recognition system and CCTV based visitors tracking system.

We noticed this issues ever since the first day CyberSense was developed and it is very sure that there is NO privacy issue involved in the use of CyberSense. Being a real time analyzing solutions, CyberSense do not need to keep any kind of privacy related materials (including video, still images,   etc.) for further analysis. Moreover, all the captured data is not related to any kind of personal information. In other words, there is no chance for anyone to identify a specific person by viewing those data.


Technical Details

 Covering Area Head MountingTilt Mounting
(20 degree tilt down)

Installation height:3m

Detection area:3.5m22.7m x 5.6m

Refresh Interval30 fps

Minimal Lighting Requirement0 lux

Customer Path LoggingAvailable

Detectiong Zone / Line Set6

AccuracyNormally 95%

InterfaceTCP / IP, 802.11 bgn

Supply Voltage220V ~ 50 / 60 H